I’m a web programmer who focusing on web components and web accessibility. I believe that web is the only way to connect and reach all user around the world. I’m comfortable doing programming in PHP and JavaScript.

Currently I’m working as web programmer in one of university in Bali. If I have a spare time I do several activities:

  • Just read book, eat, or sleep.
  • Learn and experiment with new technology and put them in article if it’s possible.
  • Watch anime and manga.
  • Helping as volunteer or co-organizer in these communities: PHPBali, BaliJS, Facebook Dev. C Bali and GDGBali
  • Speak in the meetup and share about modern web.

I was born and raised in Indonesia. Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) is my primary language. But, I also understand in English.

To reach me, you can mention me on Twitter, stalk me on Github or Linkedin, read my article in this blog or Medium.

I’m also open as a speaker in meetup or workshop in tech community and will advocate web in my talk.